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Start with customer needs—a better way to promote financial products

Author Martha Bartlett Piland shares insights about brand audits from her book Beyond Sticky in this 5 minute videoToo often banks and credit unions jump to tactics instead of putting strategy first in their marketing. The bank's needs are put ahead of customer needs. This results in a pushy sales culture that may not be well received by customers.

Here are some tips to grow a deep and rewarding relationship by serving customers based on their lifestage and lifestyle.


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Are you building your brand or merely paying to display your logo?

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Drive around Anytown, USA, and it’s likely you’ll see a fair amount of outdoor advertising for banks promoting free checking, credit cards with rewards, fast online account opening and pay-a-friend services like Venmo. And flip through Anytown’s business publication or read the news online and you’ll see them there, too.

Financial marketers are spending a fortune trying to attract customers who see nothing.

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Financial Marketers Can’t ‘Personalize’ Anything with Junky Data

Generic name on thin cracking iceAll the talk about artificial intelligence, personalization and one-on-one marketing flies in the face of the reality at too many banks and credit unions where 'knowing the customer' is limited at best. Data first, marketing second should be your mantra in today's high-stakes marketplace. The change will take time and effort but can begin with some simple steps.

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Up, up and away: virtual retreat HOW-TOs for blue skies ahead

Generic name on thin cracking iceThe new year is sure to be filled with opportunity if we plan. Yes, I said it. If we plan. Though you may not be able to hold a traditional retreat with your bankers, here’s inspiration for a virtual event that gets everyone connected and moving your institution to new heights.

 It's as easy as 1-2-3.

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Better brand audits = better brands

Author Martha Bartlett Piland shares insights about brand audits from her book Beyond Sticky in this 5 minute videoBrand audits are essential for financial marketers who want to be good stewards of their advertising investments. A good audit will help you look for your blind spots. Then you can identify and solve the mixed messages that create confusion for customers, employees and prospects.


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