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See how to use your marketing dollars to reach and connect with millennials more effectively.


Gain an insider view. Understand this audience to anticipate and answer their needs.


Create a bigger, more profitable vision for your financial institution’s future.


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Hear what millennials think about money icon

Hear first-hand how, where and when millennial customers want their financial services


Create a campfire for Millennials

Learn why campfires are better than watercoolers and how to attract and retain the best and brightest millennial workforce.


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Gain greater insights into creating marketing strategies that align with millennial customers’ wants, needs and values.



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The BANKTASTIC National Millennial Advisory Board consists of over 400 advisors who give monthly feedback to questions we design specifically to address the concerns of bankers trying to capture more of this demographic.

These advisors are also engaged in a private Facebook community where we cultivate thought-provoking conversations about saving, debt, bank experiences and all things money.

 Millennial Man BANKTASTIC Advisory Board

“Something I want banks to think about. I wish that instead of an overdraft fee for each item... that there was a fee for going over an “overdraft limit” ( or name it something else which could become a part of overdraft protection)…. this would be a good way to help protect us and them and manage our money better.”

Millennial WOMAN BANKTASTIC Advisory Board

“Lots of areas of the financial industry are complicated…. explain how different processes work like APR interest. Or how a loan gets approved or denied. I’d love to see TED Talks on these issues. People deserve to be informed.”


Millennial Money Mindset delivers the latestBRAIN ICON

Each month, you’ll receive a report with the latest research from the BANKTASTIC National Millennial Advisory Board on topics like:

  • What I wish banks understood about me
  • Why I changed banks
  • How I feel about your app
  • My relationship with cash
  • How I choose financial providers
  • Topics I would like to learn from my bank
  • How my bank markets to me—and what actually resonates

As a subsciber, you’ll also get $1,500 off your custom survey to test an upcoming marketing campaign, a new product or an employement ad. Need something else? Let's This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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