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3 Ways financial brands can improve CX right now

Alex Reilly, CFMP in front of colorful abstract paining with words superimposed: 3 ways to improve CX now5-minute video
When a customer has difficulty interacting with you, whether it's online, on the phone or in person, these shortfalls cause friction for the customer. Over time, this erodes trust in the brand.

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Millennials are missing the financial forest for the trees

Martha Bartlett Piland, CFMP in front of abstract painting on video telling about recent millennial financial research5-minute video
Millennials are focusing on, working on—or worrying about—their finances more than ever. And they are missing the financial forest for the trees. This video by Martha Bartlett Piland, CFMP, shares recent findings from the Banktastic National Millennial Advisory Board.

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Wasted financial brand communications: marketers must do better

Martha Bartlett Piland on how financial marketers must use better communications strategies to build customer loyalty and love6-minute video
Even standard notices can build love and loyalty for your financial institution's brand. Don't just "check the box" and send out a policy communication that squanders the opportunity to show value to customers. That's a wasted opportunity.

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Build a better employee survey for your financial brand

Alexandra Reilly, CFMP of Banktastic in front of modern artwork with title: how to build better employee surveys5-minute video
Employee engagement surveys should be more than a requirement for HR to check off of a To-Do list. Well-designed surveys are an opportunity to listen and then create a corporate culture that retains the best employees and attracts more employees like them. This is critical to growth and success in this crushingly tight labor market.

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Win the Customer Experience Game with Personalization

Woman sitting in front of laptop computer with drawings of eyes covering her real eyes“DEAR VALUED CUSTOMER” is the laziest greeting in business.

I recently received an email with this salutation from a company where I spent a significant amount of money about two years ago. They wanted to see if I needed more of their services. They even referenced a survey that I had “recently” filled out—but actually had done more than a year ago.

To start, the timing was odd. The work and the survey were so far in the past, I wondered if my name had ended up on the wrong list.

And more than a little tone deaf, “Dear Valued Customer” doesn’t make anyone feel valued. You may as well say, “Hey you!” and be the poster child for customer experience fails.

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