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A penny for your thoughts?

Below is a sampling of our conversations with the financial press:

penny for your thoughtsBank Administration Institute - Account ability: Deposit growth gears up for 2020 read it here

Bank Administration Institute - Banking Strategies Executive Report: A view from the not-so-cheap seats (Gated content)

Bank Beat - The Value of a Marketing Change Up read it here

Bank on Digital Growth Podcast with James Robert Lay - Moving Past the Commodity of Price listen here

Content Marketing Institute - Brainstorming Remotely read it here

The Financial Brand - Here's why bank marketers can't abandon millennials for Gen Z read it here

The Financial Brand - 8 Inspirational ideas for banks from other industries read it here

Money Media - Mutual of Omaha’s brand change: Thanks to Hannah Miller at Money-Media for the interview on Mutual of Omaha's brand change. It's always fun to talk about financial brands working to be their best. (Gated content)

StrategyCorps - Interview with Martha Bartlett Piland read it here



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