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Banks, Sports Sponsorships and COVID: Three Ways to Win

Man looking through binoculars for future profitability for his financial institutionCollege football won’t happen this fall on most campuses, as a handful of major athletic conferences continue to wrangle the issue. Major League Baseball is back. Sort of. And Yogi Berra was prescient when he said “the future ain’t what it used to be.” If your institution is banking on sports sponsorships to boost your marketing, the future certainly looks different than it used to.

Whether sponsoring hometown youth baseball teams or teams in the big leagues, you need to build your fan base.

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10 Years Ago, Targeting Millennials Was Critical – What Now?

Man looking through binoculars for future profitability for his financial institutionMany bankers have grown weary of marketing to Millennials. Who can blame them? The huge generation has been in the marketing spotlight for at least 10 years. By now, many banks and credit unions figure that as long as they offer online tools and a mobile app — and launch some hip digital ads — they’ll attract hordes of Millennial consumers.

It’s more complicated than that, and it will take some hard work.

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Leap off the commodity hamster wheel: on demand webinar

Get off the commodity hamster wheel webinar for bankersTo be more than just a sound-bite slogan, your brand and purpose must permeate every aspect of customer, employee and supplier touchpoints. That's the foundation of brand love and loyalty.

If you missed our recent webinar with StrategyCorps, you can watch on demand.

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The infrastructure of your institution starts with culture

Freeway with zooming cars and bright lights supported by infrastructureOften unseen, corporate culture is your essential power supply that keeps everything moving full speed ahead. And like technicians who conduct an energy audit, or engineers who design bridges, you need to ensure your institution is fit from the inside out.

Here are three ways to ensure your infrastructure supports a powerful financial future.

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Dig a well before you are thirsty—the future is almost here

Build a well before your brand gets thirsty.With a flurry of activity precipitated by the Coronavirus, bankers have demands like never before: PPP lending, refis, new loans to fund expansions... and shifting sands have everyone on their toes.

For most bankers, it's challenging and rewarding.

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