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Employer branding: 3 vital elements that elevate financial institutions

Martha Bartlett Piland in front of abstract painting with words superimposed: Employer Branding Essentials8-minute video
The conversation is everywhere: quiet quitting, quiet firing, the Great Resignation and "how can I find great talent?" The antidote to this pain is a strong employer brand. But financial organizations are notoriously bad at establishing their internal brand. "Great benefits and great place to work" are not an employer brand; they are the price of entry.

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Savvy bank marketers are the CEOs of their own careers

Illuminated yellow neon sign on black background with an upward arrow saying GO Up and Never StopIn the current economy, jobs and choices are plentiful. Movements like “the great resignation” and ”quiet quitting” are getting lots of attention. Ultimately, these—and other trends to come—are about personal satisfaction and rewarding work.

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Customer success managers: Keys to millennial business owner loyalty

Key hanging from a wire on a green and pink backgroundMillennials form the largest adult generation in North America, numbering 76 million people.

Thirty percent of them have a small business or a side hustle, and “entrepreneurship is the goal of 56 percent of them,” reports Forbes. This should be a wake-up call to bankers everywhere.

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20 Questions to ask when you need strategy instead of tactics

Blue and orange noise waves photo by daria durandIn the day-to-day rush, it’s easy to get dazzled by new, shiny ideas. Business leaders can find themselves asking, “Wouldn’t it be great to have a new video?” or plunging headlong into planning a special event with lots of glitz—without asking how success will be measured and if the effort will move the company toward its goals.

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Being a Generic National Bank costs you more

Generic products with blank white label on a pink background. Photo credit Birgith RoosipuuBeing a generic financial brand is costing you big. It’s costing you new customers right now, and it’s costing you future customers because what you’re saying about your brand is so milquetoast it doesn’t strike a chord with anyone. It doesn’t get noticed, and it certainly doesn’t attract fans.

There are already so many institutions with similar names that confusion runs rampant. If you can’t do something about your name, you have to work even harder to stand for something and stand out.

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