Many community financial institutions say they’re customer-centric, yet have a brand promise too focused on the bank. What if your brand difference is about helping your customers win with their customers?

That would merit some roaring fans. Here's how:

the finances are basic block and tackle

We’re going to assume you already know how to listen, diagnose and offer customers the best approach to achieving their growth.

Presenting different models of how to structure the loan in the company’s best interest is good service and important. Yet any of your worthy competitors can do that, too.

It’s not enough to say you’ll help them with financing or ways to be more profitable. That's basic block and tackle.

To win, you need more. Help them do a better job serving their customers.

find out what their customers need

As a financial institution, you can’t address everything your customers’ customers need. But it’s fair to say that if you listen and do a little research, you can come up with some solid products that benefit everyone.

Here are some examples to get you started:

Is your customer a retailer gearing up for a key sales season? You could help develop a layaway program that lets shoppers choose their purchases up front, then pay in installments until the appointed time. The layaway model of years ago is enjoying a resurgence among budget-conscious families. Help your customer benefit from this trend.

Does your customer employ a lot of entry-level staffers at a lower pay scale—or even employees who are unbanked? You could help with:

  • a pay card solution
  • financial literacy lunch & learns
  • easy-to-open basic accounts at their place of business (employees can sign up on break)

A less-stressed, more financially confident employee benefits your customer tremendously.

Does your customer serve young families? Offer this customer a way to create a co-promotion that gives a US Savings Bond or starter savings account for their children. This could be tied to a promotion or as a benefit to VIPs. That's an up-sell opportunity that can help your customer grow.

Get creative and be a problem solver for your customers.

Go for the win-win-win. Help your customers win with their customers and everyone cheers!