Are you making yourself indispensable to your business customers? Treat them like rock stars and they’ll have little reason to consider doing business with other institutions.

You don't have to stock their offices with M&M's (minus a certain color) and a special brand of sparkling water.

You do need to treat them like they're special. They are.

Here are 16 easy ways to give them the VIP treatment.

  1. Invite them to special events at your bank—or out in the community.
  2. Use your social media to give them shout-outs.
  3. Follow their social media and comment/congratulate on their achievements.
  4. Be their customer, too.
  5. Nominate them for awards in the community or their industry.
  6. Send them handwritten thank you notes.
  7. Introduce them to others who could become their prospects and customers.
  8. Schedule a business review and help them maximize their finances.
  9. Listen.
  10. Set meetings at their place of business instead of yours.
  11. Highlight them in your marketing.
  12. Surprise their employees with a basket of treats.
  13. Invite them to set up displays about their product or service in your lobby.
  14. Offer a valuable educational lunch-and-learn to their employees.
  15. Offer VIP-only extended hours for access to safety deposit boxes or other needs.
  16. Listen some more.

Take the time to focus on building your customers' success and you'll build your own brand capital at the same time. Encore!

For help making sure your current customers are getting the VIP treatment, call Martha Bartlett Piland direct at 785.969.6203